In some cases, after submitting your credit card information for processing of your Conference 2020 registration payment, our systems may fail to authorize the credit card.  ISAAC International makes use of the most modern and secure online credit card payment transactions and, because of this, we never see or store your credit card information.  All we ever see are the final 4 digits of the 16 digit credit card number.  Our systems are configured with our credit card gateway provider and transaction companies as a "pass-through" system, meaning your credit card details are encrypted from the moment you submit them.  They then "pass-through" our server and are immediately handled by our gateway provider and credit card transaction company.  Our systems then receive back a code, which either indicates that the authorization was successful, or was unsuccessful.

There are a number of reasons for why an unsuccessful authorization may have occurred, including:

  1. incorrectly entering credit card number, expiry date, or 3 digit CVV
  2. incorrectly entering the name on the credit card
  3. the address entered (street name, number, city, or postal / zip code) does not match the information on file with the bank / credit card company
  4. having insufficient amount of credit available for the purchase
  5. bank / credit card security or "anti-fraud" settings that restrict purchases from Canadian online vendors (typically, this has happened most with US banks / credit card companies, but we are also seeing instances of it with Australian issued credit cards as well)

If you have received a credit card "fail to authorize" message, we recommend that you first check all of the credit card details above to make sure that they were correctly entered, as well as confirming sufficient available credit.  If one of these is not the cause, then you will need to contact your bank / credit card company to determine whether their own security settings are preventing the transaction from authorizing.