Conference 2020 authors who submit a presentation proposal will also need to complete and  upload their ASHA Disclosure Forms.

Blank copies of these forms can be found on the ISAAC International website here.

Please note that this file is a "form fillable pdf".  As such, it first needs to be downloaded and saved to your local computer, before inputting any information into it.  Trying to fill the form in and saving it only using a web browser (without downloading and first saving to your local computer), will end up saving a blank form.

The Conference 2020 Call for Papers system can be accessed directly from the ISAAC website here.

When you access the home page of the Call for Papers system, you will see the home screen as per the image below:

Simply click the "Upload File" hyperlink.  You will need your submission id number along with the password that was set when the proposal was first created, in order to upload the file.  Please note that only a single file can be uploaded, which means multiple pages first need to be combined into a multi-page single file, using a tool such as Adobe Acrobat pdf creator, or some similar tool.