Cancún is a very popular sun tourist destination, with many different lodging options available for booking using the many available third-party hotel-related websites.

ISAAC International is currently in the process of arranging conference hotel room blocks at multiple properties, all within an easy and accessible walk to the conference venue, the Cancún ICC.

There is a significant financial benefit for Conference 2020 attendees to plan their stay in Cancún (at least for the duration of the conference) by making use of the ISAAC International arranged room blocks at one of the properties we will be offering.

In order to attract international conference business to their country, the Goverment of México offers a "fiscal stimulus" benefit to those attending such conferences.  If conference attendees stay at one of the official conference hotels during the period August 1st, 2020 through August 6th, 2020 (including one additional day on either side of those dates), AND pay for their stay on an out-of-México credit card or by way of bank transfer from an out-of-México bank account, the hotels are then allowed to waive, or zero-rate, the Government's 16% value-added tax (IVA) charge that would otherwise be applicable.  This represents a significant saving to conference attendees.

Please note that if you decide to book at a non-Conference 2020 hotel, or make use of third-party travel websites, the full 16% value-added tax (IVA) charge is then applicable and will be charged by the property.