Have you attempted to get the ISAAC International web server to send you a password reset email, and have not seen that email arrive?

Q.  Are you certain you are entering your correct permanent ISAAC member id AND correct email address linked to that member id number?

A.  If you can confirm the accuracy of the entered credentials, you then need to check your “Spam” or “Junk” email folders.  Sometimes incoming mail servers flag auto-generated emails like this incorrectly as spam.

Q.  Is your email address on a large institutional mail domain, such as a university or health care organization?

A.  If this is the case, your organization's incoming mail server may be filtering our emails out before they ever reach you.  You can ask your organization's IT department to check this and, if it is occurring, then they will need to "whitelist" emails from ISAAC.

Q.  Is your email address on AOL's domain?

A.  We have noticed, particularly with AOL's mail servers, that auto-generated password reset emails are filtered out before ever reaching the recipient.

Q.  Is your email address on another large internet service provider's domain (ie. Rogers, AT&T, Comcast, etc)?

A.  Although we have not noticed the AOL issue with other internet service providers, it is always possible that something may change on their mail servers from time-to-time and, of course, receipt of our password reset emails has not been tested with every worldwide large internet service provider.

If none of the above work, then we could try resetting the email address linked to your membership to another account, such as a more public gmail or Hotmail account, for testing purposes.  Typically, in these types of scenarios where a domain mail server is responsible for filtering out our password reset emails, moving to one of those accounts resolves the issue.