Q.   Is Conference 2020 postponed or cancelled?

A.   The 19th Biennial Conference of ISAAC, or Conference 2020, is being postponed only, not cancelled.  The new dates are scheduled for July 31st through August 5th, 2021.


Q.   Is the postponed conference still being held in Cancún, México?

A.   Yes. ISAAC International, as an organization, is committed to holding the conference in Cancún, México.


Q.   Is conference still being held at the Cancún ICC?

A.   That is the plan. ISAAC is holding discussions now with the conference center and is committed to making the necessary arrangements to keep the conference at this venue.


Q.   Will my paid registration for Conference 2020 still be valid for when it is held in 2021?

A.   Yes, all paid registrations will be maintained in our system and will be fully valid for the conference when it is held next year.   These paid registrations will not be subject to any price increases or additional costs, such as transfer or handling fees.


Q.   Do I need to take any action to have my paid registration held for next year?

A.   No. Registrations not cancelled by 5:00 pm Toronto time on May 29th, 2020 will be maintained in our systems as fully paid, and will be transferred and accepted for the conference when it is held next year during its 2021 rescheduled dates.  These registrations will not be subject to any price  increase or additional fees.


Q.   Is the May 29th, 2020 final date for cancellations and refunds still in effect?

A.   For any registration purchased prior to May 29th, 2020 then yes, this date is still the final date to cancel and receive a refund.   For any registration purchased after May 29th but still during 2020, the final date to cancel and  receive a refund will be December 31st, 2020.  For registrations purchased during 2021, the final date to cancel and receive a refund will be May 28th, 2021.  For the December 31st, 2020 and May 28th, 2021 deadline dates, refunds are subject to a CAD $100 (plus HST) withholding charge.


Q.   What if my situation is such that I will not be able to attend the conference when it occurs in 2021.  Can I get a refund on my paid conference registration?

A.   Any individual who has purchased a registration prior to May 29th, 2020 for Conference 2020 and would like to have it cancelled will be eligible for a 100% purchase price refund.


Q.   How do I request my refund and get it processed?

A.   Registrants wishing to cancel and refund their registrations must send their Conference 2020 registration receipt via email, NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM TORONTO TIME ON MAY 29th, 2020, with the word "REFUND" in the subject line.   Emails must be sent to conference2020@isaac-online.org.  Once your  email is received, ISAAC will process the refund onto the card originally used for the purchase.


Q.   What if I cancel my registration, receive my refund, but then am able to attend the conference in 2021.  Can I re-purchase a registration?

A.   Registrants who do cancel their current existing registrations will be able to later purchase a new conference registration for its 2021 scheduled dates.  Registration rates for Conference 2020 are however subject to  increase any time after 5:00 pm Toronto time on May 29th, 2020.


Q.   What if I am considering attending the conference in 2021, and have not yet purchased a registration.  Can I still take advantage of the Early Bird registration rates?

A.   ISAAC will extend its Early Bird pricing for the conference through December 31st, 2020.  As noted above however, that pricing along with all others are subject to change, on new registrations only, which could occur any time after 5:00 pm Toronto time on May 29th, 2020.


Q.   I am an author who has submitted a paper for presentation at Conference 2020 which was accepted.  Will I still be able to present at the conference in 2021?

A.   Authors who have already had papers accepted for Conference 2020 will be  given the opportunity to carry their paper acceptance over to the 2021 scheduled dates. There will also be a second Call for Papers for additional papers that will be announced in the coming months.


Q.   I have already made my hotel reservation for Conference 2020, for its originally scheduled dates.   What will happen when I cancel my reservation?

A.  Anyone with a hotel reservation should contact the hotel directly.  Each hotel will have its own processes in place to deal with this, and ISAAC has already communicated with the hotels regarding postponement of Conference 2020.


Q.   Will the same hotels and room block rates be available for the conference at its re-scheduled dates next year?

A.  ISAAC is currently in discussions with each of the hotels, and it is certainly our goal to have the same hotels and room block rates available for the     conference in 2021.